Pets R' Us

We are Pets R' Us

A Cardano Graffiti NFT project Minting May 21st

A generative graffiti and street art style NFT that combines wacky looking animals, with great holder utilities and incentives. Art created by Los Angeles OG street artist REBORNZ.

About Us


Randy de Leon, a.k.a. Rebornz, is a native of Los Angeles, California, who picked up the love for art at a very young age; he drew funky animals ever since he was a kid. 

As a young adult in the late 90s and early 2000s, he explored every opportunity to express his creativity in the form of Graffiti in the street art scene.

Rebornz was a rebirth name. He used to be known by an old street name which doesn’t matter as it only represents his old life. To pursue his career and gain recognition for his art, he didn’t exactly lead a very smooth life and he got into trouble a lot of times while trying to express himself; From hanging around with a Los Angeles tagging crew to slipping out at night to cover the streets with his art, getting guns pulled on him by gang members or shop owners, searched by police, falling off roofs among many unimaginable things.

It got so serious that he got himself jailed, where he got the chance to meditate on how to lead a decent path and be a better artist that people could look up to.

This triggered him to create a new identity for himself and strive for other means to survive and maximize his creativity. Hence, he made up the name ‘Rebornz art’ in 2004 to indicate that he wants to leave the past behind and discover a better way forward. Luckily for him, he developed his art and graduated with a degree in communication arts.

Pets R' Us

Story of our Characters

Billy, Wendy, and Rocko were living together in a house with other friends and a relatively big backyard. Wendy loves art and is a woman with good taste. Billy, well… He’s a bit of a weirdo, good, kind, to say the least. Billy has a love for graffiti art and has been obsessed with painting animals around town, even the interior of his house is filled with colorful animals. And lastly, Rocko is Billy’s best friend.

Not long ago a UFO came visiting the gang in their backyard and these two creatures came rolling in: an alien and a robot. Demi is an alien. I mean really, he is a real alien who fell down to the backyard from space in the middle of a regular night. Extraterrestrial life form, some call, yet living an ordinary retired human life, eating chips and watching TV mostly. Robot’s name is D-Bot and his love for hip-hop made him serve the gang as a boombox and karaoke machine.

Billy loves listening to Demi’s long talks about space travel, science, and all funky sci-fi business, so he asked him if he can do a little experiment. “Can you make my art come to life?” Demi cracks his long skinny fingers and proceeds to point onto all of Billy’s drawings on the wall kind of like E.T. the extraterrestrial, and before the gang can realize it. All the animals start emerging from the walls and start piling up in the backyard, one after another. 

Things get out of hand and Demi cannot control his power. Animals start literally growing from everyone’s heads, it’s like they are mutating. Even Demi freaks out but there is no turning back. What’s done is done, so now they need to live with that. In time they will adjust to their new life but for now, controlling the situation and living with it is what they have to do.

Pets R' Us

Story of how Pets R' Us came to life

REBORNZ and Mr.Mag are a group of two lovers of art and graphic design; they seem to have an unwavering affinity for the art world. Pets R’ us didn’t just come into existence by accident; it started off due to their intrinsic passion. REBORNZ and Mr.Mag are longtime friends. They both met designing layouts at a car magazine company they worked with back in 2003. While working together, they realized the two of them attended the same college, and both majored in visual communications in the early 2000s. Being like-minded individuals, it was easy to establish a connection between them.

They had a good time building rapport, sharing ideas together. Sadly, both REBORNZ and Mr.Mag had to part ways from working at the same company in 2005, but they ensured steady communication via social media. Seventeen years later, Mr.Mag nurtured a vision to start an NFT project in the Cardano Blockchain, and his friend, REBORNZ, came to his mind instantly.

Without hesitation, he asked for them to be partners, and he shared the whole idea with REBORNZ. It took him months to conclude on being part of the project, but in the end, they both brought Pet R’ Us to life. Now, REBORNZ is the creative artist behind their ongoing NFT projects.


Holder Benefits


5 Rare NFTs Where Artist REBORNZ Paints a Wall in the City for Five Holders (USA).

10% of Mint Revenue Back to Holders in Giveaways.

100+ NFTs Airdrops for Holders 

Set of Stickers for 500 Holders
(Rainbow Holographic).

5 Large Scale HQ Prints for 5 Holders
of Your Favorite Pets R us NFTs.

Series of Documentary Videos about REBORNZ and Pets R’ Us

5% of Mint Revenue Donated to Animal Rescue Shelters.

100 Animated NFTs for 100 holders.

100 Prints: Size 11 x 17 of your NFT

Into the Metaverse. Pets R’ Us has secured for our community a ten plot estate in Pavia and another one in Boss Planet.

Into the metaverse. Pet's R Us has secured an estate in Pavia and Boss Planet

Pet's R Us Team

Our Amazing Team Members

REBORNZ Randy De Leon

Co-Founder and artist

Father and husband first. Randy is a digital artist, graphic designer and old school graffiti artist from the streets of Los Angeles. Randy runs a successful sticker and print shop with his brother in LA.

Erick Magana Mr . Mag

Co-Founder and Project Lead

Erick Magana is a family man and an Entrepreneur, runs a video production company and works with 7 and 8 figure businesses to implement video marketing strategies. He is also a very passionate CNFT collector.

Adaquariums Zack Wetzel

Community Manager and Lead Developer

Early adopter of Crypto, Zack has a passion for 3D modeling, design and animation. One of his biggest strengths is building community and nurturing relationships.

Tyler McVety Tygar Pool

Minting Developer

Tyler from Tygar Pool is our minter. He's been an investor in Cardano since 2018 and has run Tygar Stakepool for over a year now. Outside of the crypto space his hobbies include sailing and playing pinball.

Ivan Tapia

Brand Ambassador

Family man, investor and 8 figure business serial entrepreneur, does coaching in marketing and is a big supporter for the Latino community.

Barbie Meque

Lead Moderator

Barbie Meque is our Head Community Moderator. She's a full time investor in cardano and Moderator/Community Manager in different projects (Happy Hoppers Club, Lazy Llamas, Puurrty Cats, Raging Reds, among many others). Outside of the crypto space her hobbies are watching kdramas, an army of BTS, loves weightlifting and roller skating.



Serenity, dcxiv, Juan-DOT5

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are launching on Cardano blockchain, you can use wallets such as Nami, Daedalus, Yoroi, Eternl/CCvault etc. Do not send ADA from any exchange (Binance, Coinbase, etc.) or your funds will be lost.

After the mint is over, you can trade on secondary market platforms like

Yes. 5% Royalties will go towards the further development of the project.


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